May 27th, 2008


No more TV :-( *cries*

Since I don't have a television set, I had been relying on to watch regular UK TV (as streamed broadcasts).

But apparently, they have been forced to discontinue their service as it turned out to be not quite as legal as they claimed it was...

I guess it's back to downloading then. But I seriously need to get TV before the Olympics start.

Really Tired, But Can't Sleep

  • The heat today was even worse than yesterday.

  • Between that my hyperthyroidism, I feel like I'm going to keel over any moment.

  • Certainly can't go to bed yet (and can't open the window, my neighbours are sitting on their balcony smoking weed)

  • I handed in my S104 assignment, not sure I'm happy with it.

  • I have two online quizzes in the next two weeks and I still have to prepare for them

  • experimented with making raw chocolate and was pleasantly surprise after some commercial raw chocolate I tried last year was awful

  • A piece of my glasses broke off. I can still wear them, but they are uncomfortable. I need to go see an optician and hope it won't be too expensive to fix

  • I'm still broken up about the closing of I'm going to miss The Bill reruns in the morning!