June 19th, 2008


Just kill me now...

I have a sore throat, a headache and an earache and I'm supposed to go to a spa today. Of course, this was L's idea and she is actually inviting me, so it would be impolite not to go, even though spending a day at a spa is very much near the bottom of the list of things to do on a free day. What on Earth am I supposed to do there?! Not to mention that I'm only almost caught up on my studies. Plus, I have fic to write as I ditched almost an entire chapter of Avenging Angel yesterday and now have to rewrite most of it :-/

But what is really awesome is the raw vegan chocolate cake I bought yesterday. It is probably the best cake I ever had. I can hardly believe that it is both raw and vegan! I seriously need to try their raw vegan chocolate bars next time. If they are only half as good I'll be so happy. The last two raw chocolate bars I tried (sometime last year) were beyond awful. I was worried about what I was going to eat at the residential school in Edinburgh, but I found at that there will be a vegan meal choice available as well, I just need to tell them in advance.

Survived the spa

I'm still alive, albeit with a monster headache. It actually wasn't so bad, I enjoyed most of it. At least until L freaked out because we met someone from one of her classes. She is totally paranoid about anyone finding out that she had mental health issues...

Personally, I don't really care about that. People have been saying that I'm crazy for years ;-) And it's probably true.

Now, I can either go and see if L has calmed down, or lie down for a while.