August 10th, 2008


Almost an utterly lazy day

For getting almost nothing of the important stuff done, I still managed to get stressed out a lot. Everyone seems to be in a bad mood or busy these days - L who is maybe going on vacation tomorrow was crying most of the day. I tried to distract her, butI don't think that worked very well. I keep telling her that she has to take her meds every day, but she never does.

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Plus I'd forgotten just how time and energy consuming it is to sell stuff on ebay and I haven't even shipped anything yet. Need to do that tomorrow. Also, I promised to help S with his moving. And I have a quiz tomorrow as well. Looks like I got a full day ahead of myself.

Randomly: Am I the only one who gets eyestrain from reading Manga? Somehow I cam never figure out in which order to read a page. It's just confusing. Maybe it's a sign I should stop wasting my time borrowing L's manga and instead get on with reading all of my book. (The ones I'm not selling.) And in case anyone reading this is also reading my story Threads Of A Life, there will be an update tomorrow, I got it all done, but I want to read it over one more time when I'm less tired.