September 5th, 2008


Time to get serious

The academic year has unofficially entered into its final phase with only exam prep and ECA's (or summary TMA's) left to complete. Final exams are in about six weeks and the last deadlines in about three weeks. It's going to be a very busy six weeks, I suspect. I started on the S104 ECA a few days ago, but I'm still working on the first question. It's hard going. I'm almost finding my level 3 course easier at this moment. I have to finish reading two more books and complete the assignment about them, then I can concentrate on revision.

I'm aiming for a distinction in one of my courses, so I better focus on school and not much else those next six weeks (although there is always the need for a little distraction, once in a while ;-) I'm already missing fanfic as I haven't written (or read, for that matter) anything in days! I do want to focus on my studies as best I can, but I also want to finish those stories. Even if they suck. Which they probably do.

Bought some bilingual books of ebay. They arrived today but although the seller claimed they were from a non-smoking household, they still reek of cigarettes. Although I would probably have bought them either way. I had a hard time locating any Japanese/'any of the many languages hexicode can read' bilingual books in the first place and they were pretty cheap too. I had a quick look and although they appear to be aimed at people learning English, they look pretty good. Aside from the actual plots. But they are kid's books so the vocabulary should be fairly simple. The only thing that bugs me at first glance is the lack of furigana - they make looking up kanji in the dictionary so much easier.