October 14th, 2008

SGA - 3 cups

Home, finally!

So, I finally made it back home, to the family home that is. I've spent most of the night on the bus and didn't get very much sleep, but I'm very, very happy to be home. I haven't seen Bro or Sis yet, Bro is only home on weekends and Sis had already left for school when I got home.

The exam could have gone better, but still went way better than I feared, which is always good. The results won't be out for another two months anyways. I'm just happy that it's finally over. I hadn't had a break from uni since break week in spring! There is so much I want to do in the almost 3 and a half months that I have off, but right now, I think I'm just going to catch some sleep.

I would love to spend all day lounging around, but I took my last dose of Abilfy this morning and my next regular appt. with Dr. S-D isn't until next week. Fortunetaly, my GP here is very understanding and will no doubt write me a script to tide me over until next week. Will have to call later on. But, first: sleep, shower and food. In any order.
Bones - Brennan bw

TV Review: Bones - 4x05 - The Perfect Pieces In The Purple Pond

First review in ages, but now that my exams are over and that I'm home, I can finally start with the new seasons of the various shows I watch. I actually wanted to write a movie review when I started this entry, but then I realized that the last three movies I've tried to watch never made it past the first half-hour, either because the DVD wouldn't play or because collective vote decided that it was a waste of a perfectly good evening.

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