December 2nd, 2008


The 12 Days Of Christmas - Day 2

How does it work:

1. First Come, First Served - if there is something on the list that you'd like, comment. Anonymous commenting is enabled and the entries are public.
2. Next, I'll need your location (country), so that I can give you an estimate of postage (the presents are free, but postage is paid by the recipient, sorry).
4. If we both agree, all I need is your addy, and I'll mail your present as soon as possible. Once you receive it, it's your turn to reimburse me for postage.
5. Comment! I want to know what you think. ALL feedback is welcome!
6. Pimp, Pimp, Pimp - the more the merrier
7. Play nice!

Today's Freebies:

Flesh & Blood - DVD Region 2 Pal

Doctor Who - Allies and Enemies

Doctor Who - Monsters and Villains

Doctor Who - The Inside Story

Doctor Who - The Stone Rose - Audio CD

And a download:

Doctor Who - Various Books in pdf format

So, and now, I shall try to get some sleep.

Hurdles After Hurdles

Some of you might remember the story of my defective The Bill DVD. After finding out who to write to (Magna Pacific), I did. I received a reply yesterday which basically said that they would be happy to provide me with the replacement, but they cannot supply their products to anyone outside Australia and New Zealand. Great, just great! There I thought I was finally going to be able to see the missing episodes :-/

PS.: emeryboard, this is the favour I was asking you about, in case you were wondering.


The results for two of three courses I took in 2008 are in - I passed both! I'm not so suprised that I passed, but that I got an 81% on my end-of-project. I thought I messed that up totally. Not that it would have mattered, it a pass-or-fail course, but still it is satisfying.

The remaining result should be in around 10 - 14 days.

I only noticed that the results were in because I was browsing the OU website, trying to make up my mind about what to do next year. Depending on what courses I pick, I can either get a degree in Natural Sciences or in Molecular Science. I suspect it will hardly matter in the future. But that is a matter of another post and a big project for 2009 :-)