December 10th, 2008


The 12 Days Of Christmas - Day 10

How does it work:

1. First Come, First Served - if there is something on the list that you'd like, comment. Anonymous commenting is enabled and the entries are public.
2. Next, I'll need your location (country), so that I can give you an estimate of postage (the presents are free, but postage is paid by the recipient, sorry).
4. If we both agree, all I need is your addy, and I'll mail your present as soon as possible. Once you receive it, it's your turn to reimburse me for postage.
5. Comment! I want to know what you think. ALL feedback is welcome!
6. Pimp, Pimp, Pimp - the more the merrier
7. Play nice!

Today's freebies:

Traders - Season 1 DVDs (Region 1 - French & English Audio)

2 Ocean View (SGA slash zine)

Atlantis Utopia (SGA Gen Zine)


Doctor Who - The Zygon Who Fell To Earth (10th Doctor Audiobook) Doctor Who - The Zygon Who Fell To Earth Audiobook 2008 CDRip MP3.rar

Doctor Who - The Resurrection Casket (10th Doctor Audiobook) Doctor Who - The Resurrection Casket (read by David Tennant).rar
lemon bite

Culinary Adventures: Durian

I tried my first Durian today and I was not impressed. I bought it freeze-dried because of the exorbitant cost and the terrible smell of fresh Durian. I'd read that people either love or hate the flavour, but to me, it simply tasted of hardly anything at all :-/ I'm going to finish the rest of it, but I don't see myself getting it again. All in all, a bust.