December 13th, 2008


Bah, I'm lazy

Morning is already half over and I have hardly done anything. All I did was finish my forms for the OU to register for the other two courses, besides the oceanography class that I'm taking next year. For that I have yet to start my prep reading. although the books have finally made their way to me in the post. Speaking of post, I got a big blue sack (kinda Santa-like, expect that it was blue) from the mailman today. I was completely puzzled as to who would mail such a thing to me, but it was only the OU with my textbooks. As to why they put them in a sack, I have no idea. It certainly didn't do them any favours.

Right now, I'm just feeling blah. There are a bunch of things I really should do such as shop for the last few gifts, prepare parcels and the last of the cards or work on fic. But none of these are terrible urgent as in there being dire consequnces if I don't do it. It seems I need pressure and ideally a deadline to get to work. It's a wonder I ever get my assignment done for school.

The point of this entry, you might wonder. I have no idea. I probably thought it was a good idea at the time...

An acrual entry, dealing with more raw chocolate is coming up. Once I can work up the energy to actually write it.

Culinary Adventures: Raw Chocolate - Episode 2

Made more raw chocolate yesterday and the day before and it actually turned out pretty well. Here is what I did:

Batch #1 - White Chocolate

Base made from: cacao butter, coconut butter/oil, lucuma powder

Added various combinations of: ground freeze-dried fruit (durina and mangosteen were the only ones I had handy), hemp seeds, vanilla powder, purple corn extract

Lessons learned:

  • Purple corn extract does not give a nice colour.

  • Real powdwered vanilla is very much worth the price.

The results: Delicious, although melting very easily. Still as I have not yet found any decent (or even edible) raw white chocolate in stores, I'm very satisfied.

Thoughts for the future:

  • Try different freeze dried fruit (must see where they can be obtained cheaply)

  • Fine tune the amounts.

Batch # 2 - Milk Chocolate sans milk

Made from: cacao butter, coconut butter/oil, ground cacao nibs, lucuma powder, raw agave syrup

The result: A bit too sweet, but very nice. I think this one is a keeper.

Thoughts for the future:

  • Fine tune the amounts as to create less sweet chocolate.