January 10th, 2009


Another Day Well Spent

Spent most of the day trying (and finally succeeding) to get Sis' printer/fax machine to work. It's one of those combination devices that prints, scans, copies and faxes. I have no idea why Sis didn't just buy a printer, after all, she is normally content to use mine, but anyways, getting that things to work took me ages and I consider myself pretty savvy when it comes to stuff like that.

In other 'news' I unearthed more SlingBox hosting companies which I plan on giving a try (although I'm almost decided on which one I want to use). Can't hurt to see what is on offer elsewhere.

Everyone seems to be 'talking' about the SGA series finale. I haven't seen it. In fact I haven't seen the last two season at all. But I plan on catching up eventually. Just wanted to mention that ;-)

Yeah, and I'm feeling decidely queasy after having a slice of Bro's non-vegan birthday cake. Haven't eaten any dairy in ages, guess it wasn't such a good idea. I had raw-vegan cookies for my bday this week. I was the only one eating them, but they were still very delicious.