March 3rd, 2009

SGA - defending Atlantis

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Turns out we have internet after all. Well, L has at least. Since she doesn't have a router, only one of us can be connected. You think she could have mentioned that she has internet, since it's been one of my fav topic the last few weeks. But well, but late than never. Still, it is very slow internet, so I'll have to get something else sometime soon. Since I get TV via slingbox, no fast internet also means no TV, which doubly sucks. Good thing L is so busy with her new boyfriend that she hardly has any time to use the 'net here.

But yeah, money-wise things are looking up. I got a second assignment from the guy on whose book I have been working. Another 76 pages. Should keep me busy for a while. Still no news about disability money from back-home. I'm still waiting on that appoinment for my assesment. I don't even want to think about how much it is going to cost me to get there and back. That will probabaly eat up at least a month worth of any money I might possibly get :-/

Since I had an awful migraine yesterday and didn't get anything done, I better get going again. Uni seems to be a lot of work this years, especially the thesis/research project course is taking up a lot of time. At least now that I can access the internet from here, I can at least get on with the whole research bit. I'm still getting used to the electronic library (which for some reason refuses to work in Opera), but I managed to turn up a number of articles and papers on my topic (insect resistance to bt crops). Off to read now!