March 12th, 2009


(no subject)

Mail call was semi-pleasant today. I still haven't gotten my letter from the job center people, but my meds arrived from the pharmacy. That seems I can finally sleep again. Sad as it is, without meds, I can hardly get any sleep :-/. Hence extreme crankyness lately. Unfortunately, along with the meds arrived the credit card bill.

Otherwise, still a lot to do. I'm taking this afternoon out from school work and am working on my work assignment as well. I would start to feel guilty about using L's scanner as much as I do, but since she only yesterday had me spent half the evening scouring ebay and eventually help her bid on an ipod, I don't really. Btw, she/we made the winning bid and now she owes me the money for the ipod since she doesn't have paypal. I must see about getting that back asap after the next payday. I'm pretty broke after paying two weeks worth of Orkos deliveries yesterday and also spending money on Sis' birthday present. Must remember to get half of that back from Bro. He never bothers to buy anyone a present, whether it's Christmas, birthdays or anything, he always manages to have someone else pick it out for him. Not that I mind, I like picking out presents :-)