April 1st, 2009

SGA Teyla bw

I killed it - Or more kitchen adventures

The chocolatiere (is that is word?) is dead and I killed it! I was making another batch of mulberry fudge yesterday afternoon and I put the cacao butter in the chocolatiere to gently melt it. Then I plugged in the blender to try and blend the berries. Suddenly there was a spark and the blender stopped. In fact, everything in the kitchen went out. Resetting the fuse switch did the trick for everything except the chocolatiere, so its a safe bet that it was responsible. At least the blender still works. I only bought it a few weeks ago and it was fairly expensive. The chocolatiere on the other hand was a bargain, so not much lost in the whole incident.

I ended up melting the chocolate butter in a hot waterbath and the fudge once again turned out delicious.

Sinful Colthes?

Just saw this is ad on gmail:

Authentic Sinful Clothes. Get A Hat, T-Shirt, or Tank Today!

I wonder what sinful clothes are? Sinful as in expensive or sinful as in little fabric. Although I can't quite see how hats would fit into that category. Or is Sinful another one of those things I haven't heard aboz (I do live under a rock when it comes to things)?!? And a tank? Isn't this an armoured vehicle?