June 16th, 2009


If you don't it yourself it won't get done

With my father in hospital and Bro at uni, nothing gets done around here. Until I took the bus to the nearest store, there was no food and until I cleaned up to kitchen and ran the dishwasher, there was nothing to put the newly purchased food on. If that weren't exhausting enough, I also managed to get into a huge arguement with Sis which predictably ended in tears. It's been coming a while though and was kind of inevitable. I think she behaves like she is the first person in the history of mankind who is depressed. She thinks I'm heartless and unfeeling. If I felt sorry for myself as much as she does, I would never get out of bed in the mornings.

Oh yeah, and on totally random note, there are horses. Right outside on the other side of the street. I have no idea where they came from, or what they are doing there, but somehow they seem menacing, especially since there is no fence or anything.
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My Juice Fast In Review

Today is the last day in my juice fast and time has come for some introspection ;-)


  • increased energy

  • no need for a mid-afternoon nap

  • lost some weight

  • mostly felt good and relaxed despite stress at home


  • insomnia

  • occassional headaches

  • hunger

Overall, I enjoyed the experience. It was very different from a three-day water fast I undertook a few years ago, during which I felt totally miserable. I also read a lot in the last seven days, and am determined to make some changes to my mostly fruit based diet. More green (smoothies) and more sprouts shall be on the menue. Also, more protein, and generally less high GI fruit. I already have a bag of raw hemp protein powder and I plan on finally making use of it. Might look into raw rice protein as well.

On the list for tomorrow is a trip to the customs office to collect a parcel and some shopping as a forgot a ton of stuff today.