July 6th, 2009


What I have been up to

Well, it's been a while since I last updated this thing. Shortly after my last update, I suddenly started getting side effects from hell (like things I hadn't had a problem with in years suddenly popped up again). It got pretty bad so eventually I dragged to the local psych hospital where they have a walk-in clinic a couple times a week. I would have seen on of my usual docs, but I couldn't get an appt anywhere on such short notice. Spoke to a very nice doc there, who thought I was grossly overmedicated and she agreed with me that the things that were happening were side effects. Since then, I have gradually reduced most of my meds, except effexor and strattera. So who am I doing, you might ask? Pretty much the same actually, except the side effects got way less :-) Not sure what to think of this at all. Also not sure what to tell my doc on Thursday when I see her again. It's actually kind of funny. For years, she suspected that I wasn't actually taking my meds because they never seemed to work that well. Now that she seems to have overcome that suspicion, I actually start reducing meds ;-) Still, I really don't want to be there when she finds out.

With all this, I unfortunately, haven't done very much for uni. Like nothing at all for most of my courses. My last couple of marks were all in the 60 - 70% range which isn't so great, but should still allow me to graduate. It's not like it actually matters. I'm in no shape to be working any job that requires more than couple of hours a week. And then most of those jobs are out of the question still because I live in a rural area and have no car. Like that position for 6 hours/week in the fruit-and-veggie section at a supermarket in the area. But it was in another village with no bus connection to my village and too far to go by bicycle. Not that I actually own a bike. Had one, but it was stolen years ago and I never replaced it.

Yeah, that's pretty much all. I'm still at the family home, with my father's health issues on-going, unfortunately. We have (fairly) new neighbours. J, the drug dealer finally moved out and a large family moved in. No more parties until the sun goes up next door! Seriously, that guy was partying all the time with people coming and going at all hours. You could even smell the weed when walking past his garage which he used as a balcony. New neighours are much quieter.