July 9th, 2009

Numb3rs - hope

Same old, same old

Appt at the doc's was plain routine, nothing new on either side. I didn't tell her about me reducing meds (but then I don't tell her lots of things) and she harped on about my lack of a social life. I wish I could just stop seeing her some time. It's sort of pointless. I only go to see her to get a prescription for my meds. I really don't care about her advice much. Didn't mean for this entry to get so pessimistic early on ;-)

Since we did some shopping en route back from the doc, we didn't came back until almost 4 p.m. (the appt was at noon). I took a short nap and since I got up again, I haven't really been in the mood to do anything much. I should work on my next assignment, but seeing as we'll have dinner in a short while, there doesn't really seem any point in starting. Might do some reading afterwards, depending on whether Bro is back by then. He is leaving at the end of the month for the US where he'll spend a year teaching and studying. I'm definitely going to miss him!

Dinner time now!
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