July 10th, 2009

B5 - Doom

Spelling DOOM...perhaps

Today is/was not a good day.

It started out with being woken way too early by my Sis who was in a panic over an unfinished assignment that was due this morning. The writing itself was done, but she still needed a cover for the CD case and labels for the two CDs. Plus, she was looking for her USB memory stick. To make a long story short: three hours and a trip to town and back later (to buy blank CD labels), I got it all done. But since I couldn't find Sis' stick, I just used my own. I never thought that she would hand it in! If I had, I would have erased the other files on it. Now, not only is her teacher never going to find the right files, since there are about a million documents there, but there are also some things I really don't need everyone to see :-( I used to attend that high school!

I'll reply to emails and comments tomorrow. All that aggravation today has seriously drained my energy.