July 20th, 2009


It's a blah day *tries not to complain, but fails*

I started out in a pretty good mood today, but things really went downhill fast.
It's not so much that anything happened involving me but the atmosphere at home is so tense that I have a hard time not getting dragged into all the arguing and complaining that's going on. My mother was ranting so much all morning, that I was actually sad to learn that my work hours for today had been cancelled. I can't wait for the lot to go on holiday, but since my father declared that they will be vacationing without kids this year, I will be stuck with Sis at home. Good thing on one hand because then we'll have access to a car, bad thing on the other hand as she has been so moody and difficult ever since she broke up with her boyfriend.
She is going to kill me anyways when she get home from school today because I dared to return some of the books she had taken out from the library. They are due tomorrow and it's not like she is going to renew them. I had the renew the last ones.