July 21st, 2009


Apparantly I'm still the go-to-guy...

And the news is spreading fast ;-)

I was woken the morning by someone making a racket underneath my window (which is above our front door). It was the neighbours, the ones that have only recently moved in. Their power cut out and for some reason they were under the impression that I could do something about it ;-) Fortunately, our power wasn't out as well so I told them to head a couple doors further down to where H lives. He is sort of in charge (not really), but he is always the go to guy when something goes wrong with any of that stuff. Like with the rain collection tanks that supply water for the toilets, so I figured he might know what to do. Or at least know whom to give a call. (We live in this environmentally friendly housing development with solar panels on the roofs and all that.)

So what am I going to do with the whole morning? It's frightfully early, but the building workers across the street have already started so there is no going back to sleep now. I could watch some TV or maybe do some video editing for future uploads before I hit the books. No work again today, something about a class trip on which I'm fortunately not needed.
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Something is wrong with my dear laptop Leland. I rebooted him on the weekend and he wouldn't boot up again, only did so after I run the repair routine from the OS disc. After that everything was fine. Until today. As usual, I was reading various mails and messages before breakfast and even started an upload. Then I went to get something to eat and when I got back, Leland was switched off. I turned him back on, but once again, same thing, he wouldn't boot up until I run the repair routine. It's getting annoying, especially since the repair routine doesn't tell me what the problem is exactly. The only error message I get is that OS can't be loaded and that a recent software or hardware change might be to blame. That's not helpful at all. I haven't acquired an new hardware and the only thing I installed the last few days is already uninstalled again. Might have to clean the laptop out and reinstall everything if this doesn't fix itself. Not looking forward to this at all.

Oh yeah, I'm working today after all. Work called and asked me to come in after the school trip for my tutoring group. The kids are going to be so not motivated. But well, two hours work is two hours pay.