July 22nd, 2009


Looks like me goodies are going to be delayed

I was hoping my parcel would arrive today, but a look at the on-line tracking has revealed that it is stuck at customs. At least it is stuck there without me this time. The last time I got a parcel from the US (by regular post), customs seized it and I got a letter from them, telling me to make an appointment.

Long story short, I ended up wasting an entire morning at customs' plus I had to pay a storage fee because it has taken me longer than seven days to collect the thing. This time, as the shipment is arriving by courier, the shipping company gets to sort it out. Still, bah about my goodies being delayed. I am so looking forward to getting my new e-book reader :-) Already downloaded a load of ebooks and looked into format conversions.

As for the day so far, aside from my parcel not arriving, it has been pretty decent. The only thing I'm missing is some air conditioning as it's once again really hot. Might retreat into the basement with my laptop later on.