July 23rd, 2009

lemon bite

Not having much luck this morning :-/

The day is still fairly young yet not much seems to be going my way. Sis woke me around 6 a.m. because she needed to print something out. After that, since I was already awake, I went on-line to check on various things only to find out that my goodies are still stuck at customs. I decided to lie back down, but put in an upload first. Of course it crashed while I was asleep and a second attempt crashed as well. Seems since the latest upgrade Firefox likes to crash.

And it is already too hot again.

(no subject)

I'm exhausted already and I haven't even looked in a book yet today :-( After spending the morning on chores around the house and computer (the good bit - Leland now boots again just fine), I spend most of the early afternoon on the phone. DHL called and told me that customs was not happy with the docs the mail forwarding company provided and asked if I could fax them the invoices for my goodies. Then some other people called as well, keeping me busy for a while longer. Then there was a cake to bake and documents to print out and fax. Finally all that is done now. I haven't heard from DHL yet, but the cake is cooling nicely and I hope I get my goodies tomorrow.

I need a nap now. Even if it is a bit late for that.