July 28th, 2009


Up for grabs

I saw Adam Curtis' It Felt Like A Kiss yesterday and liked it so much that I went looking for it on the 'net. Couldn't find it, so I did my own rip.

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It's hard to sum up the plot, except that it is amazing and awesome, but here is an article about it.

An actual update-like entry

Haven't done one of those since last week (I think), so it's high time. Not really, but my head feels like it is about to fall off.

  • My goodies have arrived today. Finally. I wish I could play with them right now, but I have an assignment to finish until tomorrow.

  • The other goodies (of the edible variety) have arrived as well. They didn't take too kindly to sitting in the hot UPS delivery van all day, but most of it is still in pretty good shape.

  • My assignment that's due tomorrow is progressing reasonably well, especially in light of how little work I have done lately. There are a couple of points about which I have no idea, but generally, it could be worse.

  • I think I wrecked my installation of Firefox. Not sure what did it, I installed two different plug-ins yesterday, either of those might have done the trick. Or it could be something completely different.

  • Bro finished moving out of his dorm on Monday, leaving the house cluttered with all sort of stuff. Yes that includes the chocolate foutain and the ugly IKEA painting.