August 8th, 2009


No rest for the wicked

I think my strategy to get Sis to clean up after herself is not working. I was trying to force her into doing it but simply refusing to do it all myself, but after fours days with no one doing any dishes or cleaning the kitchen in any way, Sis still hadn't moved a finger to help and I was starting to fear that there soon would more than flies around. So, I spent most of the morning running the dishwasher and cleaning up the worst of the mess. I did laundry yesterday, but I'm still refusing to iron her stuff. At least that won't attract any pests!

Speaking of Sis, she walked out this morning in a huff with a large back and refused to tell me where she was going or when she was going to be back. She did tell me that we'd go grocery shopping tonight, so I guess that means she is going to return some time before nightfall. At least I hope she will, because the stores close early around here. But I fear I'm not doing a very good job both house sitting and teenager sitting. We nearly came to blows this morning, so it's probably a good thing if we don't see each other for the better part of a day anyways :-)