August 23rd, 2009

In the slump, trying to get out

Things haven't been to great lately, ever since the vacation of doom on the part of the parentals. Plus I miss Bro :-/

As always when I'm down/having lots of noise in my head, I let things slide, important things like eating right and studying. Not a lot of those has been going on lately. I need to get back on track, otherwise the exams in October are going to be a relay of 2005 and then I would have to do another year at uni. Might do that anyways, since my performance this year has been pretty bad and I'd like to get a decent grade in the end. Not that it will matter since I'm not exactly employable at the moment and can't see that happning in the near future either. But well, better not ponder that too much. What I was trying to write is that I need to get things together, in the hopes that putting it in writing and where, theoretically, the general public can see it. (not that the general public is actually reading this).
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