August 26th, 2010


Done and only six more weeks to go!

The assignment I have been stressing over the last two weeks or so is finally done! Not to a day too soon, as it's due today. While I hardly ever miss a deadline, I pretty much always cut it close. Can't seem to help that, even though I'm fully aware that stress makes my symptoms that much worse :-/

Now, I'm going to treat myself to a nice day off, or maybe even two. After that, I really need to get back to my end-of-course research project (which will probably be the death of me). Six week suddenly don't seem that long at all anymore, especially since in two weeks, the school summer break will be over and I'll have to be back at work. It's only six hours a week, but, for me at least, six very stressful and draining hours. Work on a day usually means getting nothing else accomplished. But enough whining. I now get to enjoy two thirds of a day if not almost two days off.

Now that I'm done...

After treating myself to some raw, vegan chocolate mousse for tea, I'm ready to enjoy the rest of my day off as it where, seeing as I have decided to to stay away from uni work for at least the rest of today and quite possibly tomorrow as well. That will give me time to work on some old fics that I have been meaning to edit and post and try out some new recipes.

After weeks of not bothering to prepare anything and as a consequence eating much more cooked food than I usually prefer (but couldn't care less about if my head is bothering me badly), I'm finally feeling the love for cooking, or rather preparing stuff, since there is no actual cooking involved, again. I have been itching to try my hand at a raw, vegan cheesecake for some time now. Only two problems, finding all the needed ingredients without totally breaking the budget and finding enough eaters for the finished creation. My parents aren't exactly the types for raw, vegan cuisine. Meat and potatoes are more their style. I haven't totally decide on what to prepare yet, but it's either going to be strawberry cheesecake or mocha cheesecake, I think. Both have reasonably easy to source ingredients, although I'll have to settle for frozen strawberries should I go with the strawberry one. For the coffee one, the actual coffee needed will be a small challenge because I have no idea how to properly make coffee, but my parents should be able to provide some advice on that ;-)

In fanfic land news, I have signed up for hc_bingo and got my card earlier today. The plot bunnies have already spotted it and I expect to be pounced upon soon ;-) I especially like the idea that in filling these prompts, I'm not limited to just one fandom, which has always been a problem when trying this sort of thing.