March 21st, 2011


Google Is the Answer to Life's Problems

Normally I'm someone who uses the Internet and search engines in particular to solve just about every problem life throws at me. Especially, but not limited to technological problems. For example, last week I googled:

  • how long approximately one needs to make a mini-dress for someone six foot tall (my mother is knitting Sis a mini-dress and neither she nor I are anywhere near six foot tall, but Sis is)

  • how to program a particular cooling unit for servers (at my father's work they got one for free, but a manual wasn't included and nobody had managed to program it without one)

  • how to make chicken stuffing (self-explanatory)

  • where/how to register to vote by mail (also self-explanatory)

Now I have a problem that I'm almost embarrassed to google and it's not a health problem or anything that's my fault. At least I don't think so.

*takes deep breath*

My computer is stuck in a time-loop

That is the computer clock keeps repeating a period of time over and over. The date never changes either. I can set the clock or use the internet update function, but then it just does the same thing again with a different starting point.

It's happened before. But back then I managed to fix it. I tried the same solution this time, but nothing doing. I don't even want to call Dell about it. Well, I never want to call Dell because I'm a phone!phobic, but I especially don't want to call with something as silly as this. It sounds like something out of a sci-fi B-movie. I'm sure there is nothing the tech support folks haven't heard yet, but I'd feel stupid calling with a problem like that.