July 15th, 2011


Assignment from hell: a minor rant

The next uni assignment for my S807 course is due in a week it is turning out to be the assignment from hell :-/ First of all, none of the questions have any bearing on the material we've studied for this topic (anti-cancer drugs), they are all on completely different aspects of this rather vast topic. To be fair, there are a whole lot of reading suggestions attached to the questions, bu I've found most of those papers to be extremely complicated and/or not very relevant to the questions.) So, I've spend a lot of time in the (virtual) library and on the internet in general, looking at other resources. Also, many of the questions are phrased ambiguously and some simply don't make any sense. Not just to me, it appears, based on what is being written in the forums.
Additionally, I spent two whole days trying to get a particular software to work. We had been sent an installation DVD at the beginning of the course, but no hints whatever on what exactly it does or how to use it. I finally got the software to do most of what I needed it to do (at least if I have the right idea about that particular question), but those were two days I should have been working on answering the questions instead of fiddling around with badly documented software. I do enjoy this course a lot, but this assignment is really quite frustrating.