December 29th, 2011


No rest for the wicked (somewhat of a rant)

Just when I thought I'd have a relatively quiet time after Christmas what with uni on break, my mother trips and as a result dislocates and breaks her thumb. She's very cranky about it all, and pissed that she can't knit with just one good hand. Understandable, but not easy to put up with. It's only been two days and the mood in the house is already quite strained. The household chores wouldn't bother me so much, it's her supervising them that is driving me up the wall. It's times like that when I think that I can't stay in the house forever without going even crazier than I already am :-/

At least Operation Declutter is going well. All of the boxes, save those under the bed are now gone and their contents sorted. Will tackle the space underneath the bed today. Aside form tons of books and VHS tapes, I'm not so sure what else is under there. With my luck, lots of spiders probably...
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