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What I learned today

  • tremors are bad, but taking the good stuff to calm them down isn't a good idea if there is still stuff to attend

  • it's possible to survive a tutorial while being quite drugged

  • it's pointless to try to explain why it's an achievement to make it to a 9 a. m. lecture

  • I'm afraid of the next few days when body and brain get used to re-adding of Lamotrigine

  • I miss Em - I can to talk to her about things mental and meds

  • right now, I just want to be home, where I can sleep as long as I need to and where nobody gives me a weird look when I randomly start crying in a down mood phase

Overall the day was not that bad, just the usual, tired, hazy and moderatly wild moods. I even studied and got various things from town. I'm probably just extra cranky because it's cold in here (I'm sitting here typing with a big warm blanket around me. They said the heating should start working by the middle of this week. But well, that's what they said last week too. It's not just one building without heating and reliable hot water - buildings 20 - 26 aren't completely finished.

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