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Oy, serious brain fuzzy-ness today. Stumbling around a lot. Stairs are evil.  I did not manage to get anyone how actually knows anything on the phone.

Mostly I'm trying to get some work done it in spite of it. I had two tutorials today and did some work on the assignement for next week. Next week, will be the the worst week in terms of hours of classes/tutorials. There will be two tutorials, one problem class, 12 hours of lab work (my only lab work for the entire term) and an extra physics basics class with the physics tutor.
The lack of concentration and the mental fogginess shows on the assignements. Not only is it much more time consuming and harder to complete them, but I make a lot of stupid mistakes in calculations, mix up units or do something different than what the question asked. Both the maths and the inorganic assignement would have been a lot better if variables hadn't suddenly disappeared or I would have noticed that a ionic compound with two cations Li+ and H+ was not going to happen. Overall, both tutorials were okay, the maths one was pretty relaxed, the maths guy ran out of things to say so we did some lecture revision.  I still can't do the proof, I can just use the thing. We're in in the middle of 7th week and I'm clearly not the only one who is ready for a vacation. Beth has gotten bitchier than usual, and Hyou (Hyunchul, I think) is whining more than ever. Not that I have ever been accused of being easy to be around, but I'm all for 'you leave me in peace, I'll leave you in peace.' The two Chinese guys are being studious and serious like always. The rest, I don't know them. It's strange, I know more people doing chemistry on the 2nd year and even in the 3rd year than in the 1st year group.

At the moment, I feel more like going to bed, or if my head clear up a bit, studying some more, but Wednesday is usually the one evening of the week to socialize. Socialize as in going to the meeting of the Christian Student Union. Unless it is one of Matt's scheme's (he has some Thanksgiving thing planned for tomorrow) , it is usually a quite relaxing evening. Matt's schemes, as I refer to the events he organizes, tend to differ from the initial description. Last weekend, he and a bunch from the group were on a retreat. Probably we are going to hear all about it tonight. Judging by the stories after last years retreat, I don't really want to hear about them hiding in the bushes drinking beer. (I always thought that's what you do in high-shool, at least that's what people did where I went to school).  But still, I need to get out some time. I haven't been there in two weeks.

The whacky moods seem to be improving, they are no longer completely out of control. The random crying fits have gotten rarer the last couple of days. On the downside, physical and mental side effects or adjustment effects. It's very exhausting and I'm not sleeping well. Hopefully, Em is right and a lot of sleep and decent food during the holiday will help.

Eating hasn't worked out that well. I'm distracted and lazy. Now, customs is sitting on the protein bars that I ordered. Customs has never made any difficulties before and now it's been an entire week. Main food sources today: tofu based cream cheese and vegan crackers. The fake cream cheese tastes better than real cream cheese. I know, everyone seem  to be weight conscious these days. Can I still admit that I don't care about the fat content of cream cheese?

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