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Yesterday, Christmas dinner in college, very weird, turkey with cranberry sauce, some kind of stuffing but there was also bacon and sausages with the turkey. Ice cream afterwards. Before dinner, the choir was singing in the dinning hall. Later that evening, there was a Carol Service (nice, but there was a speaker in addition to the singing and scripture reading. It would have been better without the speaker, he was too evangelistic) Afterwards more food and drink: mulled wine and mince pies. That's either weird or English.

The last two days have been very busy with lectures, labwork and an extra physics tutorial, but now I'm finally donewith the  academic work for this term. The lab took an riddiulous amount of time, all that I was missing from last year were 3 questions at the end of the report (I even asked whether it was okay to use the data from the experiment that I had done a year ago). My labpartners were as clueless as me regarding physics but at least one of them had good maths skills and managd to work out most of the answers. Still, for a but of calculation that took 20 min at the most, we wasted 10 hours in the lab spread out over two days. It's easier than it sounds. The physics student lab isn't really supervised, the supervisor is usually in her office down the corridor. There is always a lot of talking (it's a good opportunity to get to know people from other colleges and people from 2nd and 3rd year) and general fooling around, like today a couple of guys were having a water fight. The lab was good for something, I finally got to see all 10 people from the chem group. What always puzzles me that even the guys that I have never seen know my name while I have no idea who they are. At least I know the name of my tutorial partners.

The 8 weeks are basically over. It's been 8 weeks and 1 day since I got here in October. All that's now left is packing my stuff up and buying a bus ticket. I've got all of tomorrow to do that.
It's strange, I should feel good and accomplished about having achieved what I wanted to do. I got through the 8 weeks in spite of whacky moods and making changes in meds. I didn't let bad days or bad weeks stop me. But instead of good, I feel sad, overwhelmed and generally tired of it all. Hopefully a good long night of sleep will improve my mood. My brain doesn't seem to have caught up with today yet.

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