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Long day with lot's of waiting, but I'm finally home. Finished up packing in the morning, then took the bus to the airport where I killed 5 hours waiting for the flight. Spent most of that time writing fic. I was too beat to be nervous about the flight and wrote on the fic through most of it. Mom and bro picked me up. The first thing they said was that I should have let them know the details of my travel plans earlier (I figured that 12 hours in advance was sufficient, besides I would have been okay with taking the train home). We weren't at the car yet when Mom got starteed on me looking physically unwell: too pale with dark shadows under the eyes, and too thin. I have no idea how much I weigh, but I think I'm thin, maybe even skinny, but definetly not too thin. Mom insisted that I have dinner even though I had half a sandwich on the flight. Then I finally got to retreat to my room. People interaction overload.

Totally different topic. In the 8th week of college as work had started to get less, I started writing fanfic again, but somehow ended but not produing one readable result. Those who have read my fic (allegedly someone atually has) know that I'm a sucker for intricate plots. I write complicated casefiles, conspiracies and have even attempted to write a fic involving time travel, but that one is unfisnished to this day. But all my plot ideas lately are plots that either will make readers wonder what drugs the author was on or, even worse, start off fine, but then suddenly go off the rails completly. But the fics want to be written.

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