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It's mostly good to be at home. Still very tired, but at last now I can sleep 14 hours a day and not worry about it. Mom and I are not getting along very well on all subjects involving me being ill. She does a lot of stuff for me when I'm not feeling up to things, but we often clash on smaller issues like bed time, food and tranquilizer use. And from time to time, I just have enough of being treated like someone half my age. Nothing surprising there really. Still, I'm glad to be home, it's a well deserved break and I can finally look back at the 8 weeks of college and be happy about my achievement.

Although, I should get into deciding about my future plans (college or other plans, and if college, going back or a less high pressure place) rather early because


Please find attached the kinetics tute work for 1st week of next term. This
is not technically vacation work, but you may wish to complete it before next
term to ease work pressure on yourselves.

What I would like all of you to do over the vacation is to thoroughly go
over the lecture courses and tute work covered this term (with text books to
hand) to gain a better understanding of the material. This is a serious
task, and I would expect it to take between 10 and 20 hours of your time. There
will be a collection at the beginning of next term on thermodynamics and the
physics work we covered last week to assess your strengths and weaknesses of
the subject.



And he is the only one who didn't set vacation work in addition to revision. For anyone who doesn't get picked up by their parents, it's a massive logistics problem to get all the books needed for the vacation work home. It's helpfull that the library allows borrowing over the vacation, but if you can't get the books home, it's useless. Unlike elsewhere, the courses are not based on a specific textbook. The tutors sometime reconmmend sources on the assignement sheet, but basically everyone gets to find their own sources. I left quite a few books in college and still had a suitcase that was 10kg too heavy. I'm already wishing I'd taken my copy of 'University Physics' with me. But that's one of those 1000 page type tomes who can murder someone with. Some of the guys will spend part of the vacation in college in oder to use the resources there to do their vacation work and revision. It makes sense and 6 weeks are quite long for the vacation.  Still, I'm taking the entire 6 weeks off from college.

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