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Fandom and TV - Let's have a look at what crap I'm really watching

Might just be me or life getting in the way, but TV, the internet and fandom are getting less and less fun. With TV, I did purposly cut down on the numbers of shows I watch, because last TV season, there were simply to many shows and fandoms to keep track of. It was fine while doing nothing, but even then, I hardly managed to get the downloading done. I cut the list down to WaT, Crossing Jordan, SGSG-1, SGA and maybe Alias next year (although last season sucked just because I couldn't follow the plot, if there actually was one). Problem is, although I downloaded, I didn't watch. I haven't watched anything of this season's WaT yet, around 2 eps of CJ (there seem to be no new eps at the moment) and with SGA I'm only up to "The Storm". In Oxford, free time was rather scarce and I found that I prefer to spend mine reading instead of watching TV. I didn't get very far in reading (Dante, The Divine Comedy), but I'd already read the abbreviated edition in Gemost rman.
I'm not sure what to do. I have been home since Sunday night and I haven't felt like watching any of the downloaded eps already. Still, I dl-ed the SGA ep this week and planned on dl-ing the WaT ep as well. I do have times when I don't feel like wathing anything, mostly when meds mess with me too much and I can't focus or sit still at all. But I've never stopped watching this long. Giving up watching a show is hard for me.

I'll keep watching even when shows start to suck. I sat through CSI S4, even though I didn't care for the character and the cases were less interesting than those on the various Law and Order shows. The only good thing about CSI, it's a good show the write casefile fic on, even though Grissom is hard to write. Yes, I write fanfic about shows that I'm not watching. Judging by the general quality of fic and, there have to be loads of authors doing that. Of the shows that I'm currently downloading, I can't really accuse any of being totally crap.

CJ is a crime show, and me having watched crime shows for ten years both on TV and downloaded, most plots aren't too original, but I like the crazy characters and cases of CJ. The only thing that really sucks is the random airing schedule of the show. Does anyone know when there will be new eps again?

WaT's first season is right up there with the first season of EFC (Did anyone else ever watch thatg?), TV at it's best. The 2nd season was okay but not really outstanding. Aparently there was some story arh, but if there was, I must have watched a different show, because I didn't notice it (orr missed the eps it was in). Normally, I like crime shows just for their cases, but S1 had just the right amount of people-tensions in it. Too much would turn it into CSI, too little into Law and Order with better looking cast. Reading the f-list, opinions on S3 so far differ wildly among different 'shippers. Is S3 so far worth watching in general / in terms of 'ship ?

SGSG-1 is pretty much a TV classic by now, which unfortunatly doesn't mean it's getting any better. The dialogue and characters definetly aren't. Original plots are always rare in sci-fi, no exception here either. The basic premise of the show is as simple as it is ludicrous. But classics are worth watching and besides, the show is responsible for some of the worst fanfic I've ever read. I'm still planning on contributing to that ;)

SGA: There is probably not a shred of originality in that show, from the afore mentioned absurd premise to formualic/stereotypical characters, it's nothing that hasn't been on TV in some form or another. But it's still good entertainment and nobody is going to sprain their brain watching the show. And for the 'shippers and slashers, there are plenty of possibilties to mix and match (although the lack of women might bother the 'shippers)

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