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Today was supposed to be the end of slacking around and I was planning to clean up the place and get back to sorting out all the notes from school and get working on my assignments and draw up a plan for the revision (can't help it, I love plans). Experimenting with the meds has derailed my plans a bit. It's hard to the describe the feeling, but it's a definite stay-in-bed or lounge-on-the-couch feeling. I had a few days like that in college, with enough willpower, it's no problem to drag through the day, everything flows by in a haze. I was reluctant to try, because I was doing just fine with the meds, but since the change would allow me to drop one med, I agreed to try it for a while and see what happens. First few days of trying something new are usually not very good. I'll try to finish cleaning up before going to bed again.

Still writing fic again and still posting fic even though it doesn't seem to have many readers and judging by the review-age (which so far has been few and all of them critical) not very popular.

ETA: So far med experiment is not good. Really not good. Wish I could just sleep until tomorrow morning.

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