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Tired Day

Tried to spend the day out of bed, but it didn't go that well today. I basically slept the entire morning, until my mother woke me up to help her with the some computer stuff. Basically busywork. I'm sure I made a hundred typos when I type out a long list of Arabic, Turkish and Eritrean names. Retreated back to bed until lunch. After I listless poked the creamcheese for lunch and was mainly busy with my favourite blanket (normally I don't bring it to lunch but today I'm in a very blanket needing mood - not sure, maybe I'm having an early Christmas crisis), my mother dragged me to the city to get fitting jeans and a tee-shirt.

I did work out some maths stuff :) and had time to read physics and write fic (but wasn't happy with what I wrote).

ETA: And once again in side effect city joints - evening meds sucks, my head starts spinning an hour later.

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