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It's pretty weird. Aside from working, eating and sleeping, I haven't done much else today. I did read one fic and posted a couple of messages, but that was about it. Although I like to whine about the work (at least during the vacations, I have no idea how to finish all the assignments and revise for the exams - but it will work out somehow, I have made every deadline so far somehow. Even though I started revising for the exams on the flight to London last year around this time.) But I actually like studying and it bugs me that I have to work with limited resourcs during the vacations. Just as it annoys me that I need so much sleep. Today, I slept away the afternoon once again. I would have needed that time to work on my essay notes, then I could have finished the second maths sheet by now. But I had to call it a day, once the evening meds kick in, my brain turns useless.

To do tomorrow

  • finish the 2nd maths sheet

  • finish the essay notes

  • revise old material in inorganic chem (that shouldn't take long for the first round)

  • order the textbook from amazon

  • edit another chapter of the prophecy fic and post it

  • write at least 500 words on one of the other WIPs

  • make a revision and assignment plan

What I'd like to do before I leave again:

  • finish all my current fic WIPs

  • try the fanart idea that has been floating around my head

  • sort out the mess on my hd

Rationally, I should ditch the fannish stuff and stick to my studies. They are far more important than my attempts at writing also known as fanfic. Fanfic has been my only vice so far. I haven't watched TV and have left the DVDs, that I got for Christmas, in peace.


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