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It wouldn't be my birthday, if I didn't have an ego crisis. It took until luch time that I remembered that it even was my birthday. It hadn't occured to anyone else either, but that is nothing that hasn't happened before. Also, side effects are bothering me today, so I'm already cranky.

After the year of fandom with WaT and CSI,  I decided never to get near group fandom again. I also recall saying that I didn't plan on posting fanfic again.  Of course I did it again. It started out with trying to prove that it's all technique and that as long as it's 'ship or slash, people will always read it. Although in both stories the characters are quite a bit OCC (otherwise the pairing wouldn't work in the first place), only one person has told me so. And I think that was mostly inspired by me reviewing her fic before and basically saying that she knew how to write but that in three chapters there was no plot (and no porn).

TV time, I can lie on the couch and watch German crima dramas. I finished the Prophecy fic, 1st story out of 4. I finished Org. Chem stuff. and worked on Maths and Physics.

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