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In geek kingdom again and no, there are no full weekends

Made it back to England all right. Spent yesterday evening unpacking and shopping for food. Finally, the fridges are there. No more living off crackers and warm Red Bull ;)

This morning was the first of our exams. Organic chemistry. It didn't go too badly - considering that I spend maybve two days revising althogether. Some of the reactions were familiar from tutorials or lectures others, I think, could be reasoned out, but some had me completely puzzled. I didn't even know what was going to react with what. The essay questions were okay, but my answer are probably a bit on the short side, there were probably details that I didn't know. I hadn't specifically revised that, it was just generally from memory. It's maths this afternoon, which probably won't go as smoothly. My grasp on advanced calculus is weak indeed. Tomorrow it's inorganic and physics. There goes the idea of the two day weekend. I have fic that demands to be written. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to work on it tonight after going over the material for tomorrow again. And I need to go to town, essential stuff has disappeared somehow. Probably left it at home.

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