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Getting ahead with the week

Today, I declared naps off-limits and forced myself out of bed even though I was still pretty out of it from Valium yesterday. The only thing I recall about the first lecture is that it was about moleular orbital theory and that this involved the Schrödinger equation. I was physically there, but mentally certainly not. In the second lecture I actually fell asleep. A lecturer basically reading the handout (there goes another forest) to us. Fields and waves. According to Beth, I wasn't the only one sleeping. Aaron managed to fall asleep in the last lecture. The last leture was redundant since it was also a word for word from the handout which I already had from last year. It was just an extzraordinarily boring morning. Dull topics lectured by dry lecturers. Then we had to fill out a safety quizz at the lab.  First fun of the day at the inventive answers of some of the chem group. Running away isn't the solution to all hypothetical lab mishaps, even if Hyun claims otherwise. Lunch with Beth and her boyfriend Sam. The food in the lab cafeteria is questionable at best, watching Beth rearrange the contents of her sandwhich didn't help. But at least they sell diet Pepsi. We had loads of time to kill, so Beth and I got started on the maths homework. Working with others is usually frustrating. Everyone seems to know more than I do. Not counting Sam who showed us something about the higher roots of complex numbers giving nice polygons when plotted on a Argand diagramm. Beth still does better in maths than I do. Well, I know that if I'm even up to it, I'm probably going to be rather an underachiever. Small steps, if I make it to tomorrow's two lectures, it will be the first weeks in the academic year in which I have attended all lecture (even though I slept through a good part of one).

To do before the weekend:

  • write up the lab report for the interhalogen experiment

  • file the various lecture notes and hand outs

  • pick up the prescriptions and fogure out which place is most likely to have the meds in stock

  • get a spot to get the lab report signed off

  • finish the atomic theory homework

  • finish the maths homework

  • start on org. chem

  • write

  • fill out and hand in the accomodation application before the deadline

  • stock up on soda


  • go over the physics lecture handouts and try the questions

  • work on organic chem tutorial

  • start reading the books on kinetics

  • sell the chem book if possible

  • catch up on emails and fic


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