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The why did last week rock game

keeping with SIC tradition here is the weekly game

  • had a lot fun on-line

  • Tv was good

  • the TV reception improved

  • it finally rained

  • made several nice bike trips around

  • got a hang of most of the housework stuff

  • made nice progress on the CSI caps

  • made a couple of pieces of fanart

  • made progress on my WIPs both art and fanfic

  • finally found the copy of my only original fiction story

  • could pay my streamload bill

  • enough soda was in the fridge

  • Profiler S1 will be coming out on DVD

  • will be able to afford aformentioned

  • got the basement cleaned

  • mailed stuff for some of the guys at YTDaW

  • found my CD pen again

  • figured out some new stuff with photoshop

  • Stefan simply rocks

  • rented Shipping News on DVD and finally got to see it in English

  • found an old coupon for the movies

  • had a good laugh about the pic that Danny took

  • reread one of my fav books "Affenliebe"

  • finally finished Dante's Divine Comedy

  • did some new stuff with Photoshop

  • slept better than last week

  • worked out almost every day (not much tho)

  • transfered a bunch of new songs to my MD-man

  • got along better with my sister

  • had a lot of time (in other words I'm unemployed :)

  • met some new people on-line

  • no big catastrophy so far

  • the rice thing I cooked didn't burn

  • won a bet with my brother

  • taped CSI this week

  • watched a lot of CSI

  • found some cool WaT caps

  • the emmy noms

  • watched Scar City

  • got a bus pass

  • learned a few new words

  • made it out alive

Normally it's Saturday, but I won't be home then so it's today

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