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So done with

Not even done with half the maths homework. Most of it I have plain no idea what to do, we simply have not covered those things in the lecture and my brain is too fried to read up anything in a book now. I called the doctor last week about my recent mental instability ( I guess that's what you call it when you end up sobbing uncontrollably every evening until you either are totally exausted and fall asleep or knock yourself out with a couple of valium). She told me to go up on one of the meds. Side effects didn't wait too long to show up, for the past couple of days, I've had quite intense headaches. I tried to get everything done today, even met up with Hyun to work on the maths today. I wish I could still work in the evening, but once the evening meds start working stuff like maths just isn't possible anymore. I can work maybe until 8 p.m., but that's it.

Yeah, I'm frustrated about not having gotten all the work done and I'm also frustrated about the med side effect.

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