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It's not all a whine

Whew. So exhausted yet too upset too sleep. Today was a long day. Overslept in the morning, ironically because it was a late lecture and I didn't have to get up when my alarm went off. By the time I got to the University Museum all the good seats were taken and I had to sit up and in the back where I couldn't see a thing of the projection. Well, that's what I get for oversleeping. I overslept again in the afternoon for the tutorial at 2.30 p.m. (I had gone back to bed again, mainly because I was physically exhausted, but also because I didn't want to see anyone or anything of the world). No idea how I got through two hours of tutorial with only doing one problem on the board, I made some notes, but found it pretty hard to keep focussing after the first hour.
Started working on the reading for the Quantum Mechanics assignment that's due next week (or Friday this week, I have to ask. Friday would be bad). I got all of 6 pages into the book with understanding it all and making notes. So far nothing I have read even resembles the questions on the sheets. I have only read about the failure of classical physics, Planck's quantum theory and the wave function of a particle (yes, that was on six pages).

But on the upside, I have found my detailled storynotes for my fanfic epic again. I haven't had the time yet the type them though. And (should I ever make it this far) my application for living on campus next academic year has been accepted. Randomly, a copy of Luke's Gospel was in the mail today.

It's all the meds. It's ironic. I've never been into the entire being good to yourself thing - hell, I have a 9 year long history of self-distructive behaviour, but nothing has been as had me as exhausted in the long run as much as my 8-med-mix. Trying to do better with the eating this term. So far I'm having at least more variety and actually some fruit. On that not must get more fruit.

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