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Three hours of tutorial today made for a very long and exhausting afternoon. It doesn't sound like too much, but tutorials are very brain intensive and after one of these, I always need a serious break before I work on nothing school related again. I didn't manage any lectures this morning, too tired and I just didn't have the motivation to convince myself that it was worth getting up, getting out of my room and spending too hours in a crammed auditorium. Still, I did work for the Physics class next week. It's a mountain of material (today we got the assignment from Sophie, the second physics tutor. Luckily, the questions she set seem to be less mathematical and more oriented towards bookwork and less application). We had am extra Physics class today as well to discuss the exams from back in 0th week. My expectations weren't high to start with and the exam didn't go overly well either so I was neither shocked nor surprised by my score of 34%. (40% is passing). General gloating and snide comments once again confirmed my reasons for generally avoiding the chem group this year. Dinner with Emily who isn't feeling very well at the moment. A lot of familiar worries about meds and all the side effects with the workload. I've gone up with the Lamictal like a week agao and I'm still flattened, I'm hoping it will level out soon. I need to be up to form to get through all the work. I didn't do enough work last term or during the vacation, but I did need the rest during the vacation. Unfortunatly, I'll have to go up with the Lamictal yet again after this, so I am not yet done. But I'll wait until I'm feeling a bit less worn out.

Streamload has been an utter pain today, but I have updated the SGA page, which at random points during the day has actually been up, while having been down during most of the afternoon. Now only some of the files are down as it seems. I don't even want to know. I need to get to bed way earlier than this.

My favourite part of the day is about to start, crawling into bed and giving my comfort blanket a nice big hug and petting the sheepskin not!rug.

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