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It was a thouroughly uneventful weekend. After the bad experience of the last two weekends on which I couldn't finsish all the work on Sunday and hence had to hand in incomplete work, I didn't take a day off from work like I usually do. No free Saturday this time. On the whole there was a lack of free time. I basically slept and work during the weekend. I slept from early afternoon on Saturday until after dinner and today, while getting up early, I went back to bed before lunch and slept until early evening. All the while still getting eight hours of sleep every night. The rest of the time, I was busy doing homework. I'm almost done, there are still some problems in maths that I haven't tried yet, I just read them over. I'll try them tomorrow either before the first lecture or in the lecture. Organic chem lectures tend to be pretty useless, in end, it's the tutorial stuff that's productive because that's where you actually have to learn and use the stuff.

The result of my latest scatterbrained-ness is me having run out of one of my meds once again. I so should be able to keep track of my prescriptions. I did manage most of the time, when I only had them in one country. Everything got more complicated when I started to get them filled here and back home. Here they have this confusing system of repeat prescriptions, whereas at home it depends on what package sizes of the med are available. I'll try to get that organized as soon as possible. If that interferes with any lectures, than so be it. Getting my meds sorted out is more important to me.

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