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Today is one of the days when I don't know anymore why I'm doing this? Other than for lack of alternative that is. I should be happy to be here, it's what I wanted, it just seems to get worse every week. Last term I could go to lectures all right, this term I can hardly stay awake in the lectures (nodded off in the Biological Chemistry lecture today) and I panic when I think about going to the lectures in the morning.

The tutorial was another low. Out of 15 questions, I got one question right. The tutor didn't even mark the rest, just wrote under it "it's OK, it is a hard topic". It was the same during the tutorial, he told me not to bother with the material and just to forget about it.

No work done today, lectures, crying, sleeping, blanket hugging, tutorial, Em, more crying.

23 days to go. I know it's wrong to think like that, but today I'm at the point where I don't think I'll make it through another day, let alone another week. Well, I will somehow, the 23 days will pass, even if they are 23 bad days. They will pass, one day at the time.But what's the point, when it boils down to just getting through the day.

Eventually, it's going to be all right again.

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