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18 Days

Today didn't turn out too bad. Feeling a bit down and anxious this evening, but not out of control so far. The tutorials went fine, and I actually got some stuff right in the first one. The second one cdonfused me quite a bit, but that's the tutor, not the subject matter. Now I'm working hard on not having a guilt trip for not doing more work this evening. I did some reading up on Maths and did some homework that I didn't manage over the weekend. A bad medache cut my efforts short, but I can definetly say that I know more about the topic than I did yesterday. I did what I could do today.

The medaches are back. It usually shows up a while after upping the dosage on Lamictal. Headache, aching joints and sore muscles. Today only my left side and my head hurt since this afternoon. An early escape to bed sounds like a good idea, unless the pain keeps me from sleeping.

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