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16 Days

Finally back in my room. Today was a long day and it's not over yet.

Biology and Maths lectures in the morning. Biology is just just getting information dumped on the head. The lecturer basically said that in order to understand the material we should get a textbook and wait for the problem classes in our colleges. What we have covered so far in 2 hours is more than we covered in a year back in school. I recall that comparing animal and plant cells was a major topic. We sped thriugh it in less than an hour. The real challenge was keeping up with writting down what was on the board and what was being said. Maths was confusing but it could have been worse. The lecturer told us about the feedback forms she had asked us to fill out. She was suprised that the majority of people dislike her teaching style. (what teaching style would that be? I have learned more out of the book than in any of her confusing lectures which seem to have nothing to do with the homework she sets). Lunch break was errand running downtown and going to the doctor to have the weekly bloodtest and get refills for prescriptions.
In the afternoon, three hours of tutorials, back to back. Organic Chem exam discussion and Maths tutorial. 31% in the Chem exam. Again less than I was hoping for. Initially I thought it went better, but after I  saw how poorly I did on the essay question in the Inorganic exam, it wasn't such a big surprise. Still, getting only 4 out of 13 points on an essay question that I can answer, is disappointing.

I'm exhausted and aside from some reading and note-taking I haven't even started to study for today. Normally Wednesday is the one day I go to socialize by going to the Christian Union meeting. I don't feel like seeing anyone right now. At least not anyone around here. Homesick again. Sick of people laughing when I make a mistake writing something on the board in a tutorial.

Still medache, over-the-counter stuff is not making a dent in it. Pretty off with the coordination today, tripping over the curb and the like.

16 Days left to go. It's time for the term to end, it's been long enough.

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