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My life hasn't been that terribly interesting so far, but some of you might not have done those 10 things

  1. had red/blue/purple hair.( The colour wasn't very water-proof, requiring frequent touch-ups. That sucked.)

  2. traveled around Peru on my own.

  3. was a vegetarian for 6 years and a vegan for 2 years.

  4. dated the fiance of my English teacher

  5. was on the national team for the World Student Debating Championships 2000 and 2001

  6. was arrested twice (once the charges were dropped afterwards)

  7. recieved a sentence to 15 hours of community service and having to see a social worker

  8. been fired on the first day on the job / quit a job on the second day

  9. slept on a parkbench

  10. attended high school rather seldomly after the age of 16

Not that I really did much exciting stuff, I just had more time to travel and do other things because I wasn't in school that much.

2 more lectures to go, then I have made one of my goals for this week. Maths and Inorganic Chemistry from 10 to 12. Then Maths tutorial from 3 to 5, we are discussing the exam and the work we had to do over the Christmas vacation.

ETA: There was no Inorganic Chem lecture and if I had actually looked at the lecture schedule pinned to the wall over the desk, I would have know that. Still, about 50 people turned up anyways. I'm not the only one who didn't read the timetable since it is usually the same for every week. Used the free hour to buy food for the weekend. Maths lecture was confusing, but I thing I have a vague idea about how to solve exact differential equations and how to solve 2nd and higher order differential equations. (we did that in today's lecture) Not so much for the first order differential equations, I can do seperation of variables, but the variation of constants method and the integrating factor methos puzzle me. (we did that in Wednesday's lecture). I think that if we would be going through the topics a bit slower and were using a a text book, I might actually get Maths. In all courses, the pace is pretty frantic right now. There are two weeks of teaching left this term and two next term, after that there are two weeks of revision lectures and then nothing until the exams.

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