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8 Days

A very exhausting day, but I got quite a lot done compared to most days. As long as I keep focussed on today only, the panic keeps to a tolerable leveL Now that I know exactly what I have to do until the end of the term, my nerves seem to have calmed a bit. I still feel overwhelmed since it is a massive amount of work and it is all due by Monday, but at least I know.
There have been more light flashes and other pretty light effects this week. The vision itself is not scary, the fact that I'm the only one seeing it is the problem. But that is not nothing I will ever mention to the college doctor.

CSI Miami isn't as bad as I thought, it's way better than the original. Horatio might have a God-complex but he beats Grissom and Sara who will never ever get it on. I might just download some eps from this season while I still have fast internet here.

Maybe I'm reading the wrong fic, but lately in fics I noticed that everyone and their brother cries (often at the slightest provocation). And who decided that a plot was optional. PWPs used to be at least porny, but now there are loads of them that have neither plot nor porn. It's time that I get back to fic writing again. I love my plots, even though there are a little out there. I'm not even pretending that I'm writing good fic.

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