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5 Days

How strange to have failed as a social creature -- even criminals do not fail that way -- they are the law's "Loyal Opposition", so to speak. But the insane are always mere guests on earth, eternal strangers carrying around broken decalogues that they cannot read.

There are issues lurking in every corning and they all want to be dealt with, but I feel like I can't handle any of them. I just want to hide and sleep until Friday.

Some of the issue highlights:

Chiefly Topamax (and others as well) turning me into a total dimwit with the attiention span of a fruitfly and a memory like a sieve. Damnit, I try, but sometimes, I can't parse sentences or remember what I read 10 minutes ago. Since being smart is pretty much my only quality, this sucks. It's no excuse, but well, I have never been accused of being nice, I have become even more of a nasty cynic.

Light flashes and glowing buildings. No comment.

Medache. All down the left side. Limping to the store was fun today. And there I thought the joint aches started at 50.

8 weeks of daily sobfest in the evenings. So.A.Wimp.


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